Multilingual websites for digital marketing era

Global or local, website localization is a must

Multilingual websites are key today. Why not? If your market is multilingual, your website should speak all or most of the languages the market hold conversations in. Making websites speak multiple languages is known as website localization. In those days, when the websites were nothing but online brochures, multilingual websites were merely additional pages in different languages. But gone are those days of plain vanilla website localization. A new and marketing-oriented web globalization and localization strategy has kicked in its place to face the challenges of the digital marketing era. Langscape’s localization experts evolved through them and now offer you world class web localization solutions that really sell.

It may be a b2b website with inbound marketing features, an ecommerce shopping cart with strong social media strategy, a news portal with many media assets or a full-fledged web based application. Our multilingual websites team will localize them with the industry’s best tools and practices.

New Era Multilingual Websites

How to manage the new show? We are with you.  We co-develop your web strategies with language management as one of the primary elements.  It helps you to customize the text, images, media and other elements, and even plan for a completely local way of attracting the customers.

You may be global start-up or hyper-local player want to go global instantly from the first day. You may be a global enterprise or regional business aiming expansion wider and deeper.  So you all are investing on the digital marketing assets:  SEO, SEM, Blogs, Social Media campaigns, newsletters, white papers, e-books, webinars and more. You invest a lot for them, indeed.

But do you seriously aware that you could leverage this content effectively by localizing it in different languages at the fraction of cost of developing the original? Frankly, the RoI of the digital marketing content could better be realized with a smart localization strategy. It’s an additional investment too, agreed. In return, your markets are multiplied.

Langscape has rewritten the web localization story here.  We have a special team of project managers for new style web localization and digital marketing projects and grow and manage a yet another exclusive team of translators, trans-creators, writers and original content developers in many languages.

Website Localization Made Easy

How to start?  You can change your existing websites into multilingual websites, or create new ones afresh with our web globalization solutions.

Let us explain these two options:

  • You already know what languages you want to localize your websites in. Visit Get a Quote page, select source and target languages, then add more details to get estimation.
  • Or, you can use our pre-built language packages. For the first time in the translation industry, Langscape introduces package deals for you. Our marketing experts have built list of languages for web/app localization reflecting the global and regional business strategies most of the successful companies follow.

For example our Global Top package includes the major languages you need to include if you really want to go global. It includes major b2b languages like Spanish or Chinese. Focusing growing markets? Select Emerging Markets package. You have Turkish,  Brazilian Portuguese and other major languages from the emerging economies of 21st century.  You can also select from our global-regional packages for Asia Pacific, Africa, European Union, and South Asia / India.

Multilingual websites packages can be customized for any theme or geo regions, multilingual countries or even for a city. How about an India package or Scandinavian package? Singapore Package or London Package?  Do you want us to create a Ecommerce Top 10 Global Package or ASEAN Package? How about following Facebook’s localization language list or adopting the UN’s official languages list? Feel powerful? Think G7, or think big, G77! Name it; we customize a list for you.

Contact us or visit Get a Quote page, select source language and target packages, then accept the pre-selected list or customize it by adding or removing languages.

For your multilingual websites project, see the list of packages.

Wait! A good news!  Packages come with a discount.

Globalize your websites before localize them

If you are starting a new website or re-building your existing one, start it with a web globalization strategy. A good globalization planning will save a ton later when you are localizing in multiple languages.

Tell your marketing plan, our experts will help you to design your website with globalization preparedness. A properly globalized website planning will reduce cost and improve delivery and make your brand truly global and local.

Once you adopt a web globalization strategy, you can localize it in other languages even in a priority-based manner or simple pay-as-you-go model.

Translating for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Translating your web content includes the service of expert and specialized translation of primary page content, landing pages, SEO/SEM content, blog writing, e-books, newsletters, whitepapers and more. The images and video will also be localized for multi-local needs. To learn about your campaigns and meet your simultaneous deliveries, our account and project managers can work with your global workforce.

However, you can also think about locally generated content. We can provide original content development for all the languages. Unlike many agencies that work only with translators, Langscape has a professional workforce of copy editors and content marketing writers for almost all the languages we support.

If your market is multilingual, you can’t stay monolingual