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Multilingual Websites for Global Startups

If your market is global, your website should speak the most important languages spoken and used on the global scale.

You can extend your existing websites into multilingual websites, or create new websites afresh with our web globalization best practices. We follow your digital marketing strategy to give you exactly what you need.

Langscape offers you a special deal when you order a global package.


What we offer


Translation, trans-creation, content development, multilingual digital marketing content, localization and globalization services.


Multilingual Websites made possible with our translators, localization engineers and content developers with digital marketing focus.


Global, Asian, European, African, Emerging Economies, India and other market-specific package deals. Customize them to suit your needs too.


Solutions for all major industries and technologies. From local start up to global companies, we offer co-created solutions leveraging our global workforce.

Why Langscape

Langscape is an organically grown company with strong fundamentals in global language industry.
Why should you choose us?

The Focus

We are the language people. We help you to talk to all your relationships in the languages they choose to converse: customers, staff, supply chain, marketing, sales, media, government, society and more.

The People

Led by industry veterans, our worldwide army of professionals includes thousands of translators, content developers, localization experts, linguists, media specialists and more. All with the domain expertise.

The Technology

Our language technologies includes localization, translation memory, and language input tools among others and our suite of integration technologies seemlessly integrate the multilingual content with your systems.


Our language packages include languages for your global or regional reach. The lists are based on marketing insights for every region. However, you can change the list by adding or removing languages too.


Multilingual digital marketing

Software and app localization



Government & NGOs

Media and publishing

If your market is multilingual, you can’t stay monolingual

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