Translation, Website localization and
App localization services

With two decades of translation and website localization experience with global companies and big language service providers and evolving through latest tech and innovative environment, Langscape provides the best in class services for you. We mix our maturity with agility in providing you the cutting edge language solutions.

Content is the king, and your king appears in print, digital, audio or video avatars. Now your king wants to become an emperor by expanding his reach. It has been proven umpteen numbers of times that translation is the simplest, most important and highly cost-effective way to expand your market globally or locally. In many cases, it is legally required translating your content for the compliance. For startups and social businesses, being multilingual is the key differentiator. Armed with global workforce of translators and writers, we help you to win the battle of mind-share and market-share.

Different Content, Different Approach

Our native, expert and industry-specific translators can provide you the best quality translation, transcreation and localization services.

Translation stands for accurate and faithful transformation of your source content into other languages. Langscape’s translation service is guaranteed by translating, editing and proof-reading tasks by professional language experts managed by experienced project managers. Normally, standard business content like correspondence, legal and compliance documents and utility oriented texts require accurate translation.

Transcreation is the best way to carry a creative and marketing content in another language.

The aim is to translate not just the body of the content but the soul of it too. Marketing, promotional, social, educational and other user-centric content may require creative transcreation. Digital marketing and social media content needs creative touch.

In the industry jargon, localization goes beyond translation. It is about translating the text by adding or modifying content suitable to the target market. It is also about customizing the media assets like images to enhance the user experience in different culture differently. Website localization, app localization, games localization, video localization and other localization services by  Langscape are managed by expert teams.

Project Management

To guarantee you the best outcome, your dedicated project managers choose the expert translators from our vendor management system, for your website localization and other services, evolved over a decade. Quality starts for project management.

Our project managers works with regional or language project managers from across the world and domain specific project consultants. They all work within a fast and secure system, and under binding confidentiality agreements.

Our Workforce

Our translators and editors will be the native speakers of the target languages and will have experience in the subject field the content relates to. We cover almost every local market in the world. We have 10,000 plus freelancers partnered with us in last 15 years of our business. Number of languages we support is 100+.

We rank or check the testimonials of our experts for quality, speed, domain knowledge, technical skills, language industry experience and other creative and professional talents.

Fast, Quality and Cost-effective

Our project managers work with project management tools and ever growing vendor management systems. We use latest language and localization technologies and the best practices aligning with them. What does it mean? Fast and quality service with no waste. It translates into cost-effective solutions.

If your market is multilingual, you can’t stay monolingual