Your language strategy and Our language solutions

Language solutions have become an essential part of business strategy today. Translation and localization are necessary for every business organization. Do you have own language strategy? A mere glance-through in the business world today shows all successful companies have their own language or localization strategies and management systems. You must have one. Langscape helps to build it. If you already have one, we can upgrade it.

Langscape offers you a complete array of language solutions when you choose to go global or local in the most convenient way. Our solutions are co-creatable and we bring you the language translation services and the best practices. Whatever be the nature of your business or requirement, or you are a non-business entity with social goals, tell us, we will evolve a solution.

One stop shop

Look no further for your all language solutions. For both internal and external communication of any organization, we provide you end to end solutions. Some of the basic content you may want to translate include:

  • Business documents, letters, brochures, and user manuals
  • Catalogs and other sales materials
  • Web and app content
  • Marketing: traditional, digital and social marketing content
  • Customer care content
  • Multimedia and presentations
  • Training materials & e-learning
  • Product descriptions and specs
  • Legal documents, contracts and agreements

Multilingual digital marketing

The content is not even king in digital marketing. It’s its emperor! Translating digital marketing content is tougher and challenging than the standard translation. Translators should also be hailing from digital marketing milieu and have strong expertise in adopting digital marketing message across the languages. Our project and vendor management team know who are the best among the translators are available digital marketing challenges.

  • Translation, transcreation and original content for digital marketing needs
  • Web content for digital marketing
  • Email campaign
  • Infographics localization
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Ebooks
  • Landing pages
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Multilingual SEM
  • Audio and video content

Software and app localization

Software / app globalization and localization is where the industry evolved so fast and different with the changes of it industry. Langscape offers you a complete globalization and localization strategy and management for apps. Our project and vendor mangers know expert translators and editors for localization and our localization team includes tech people to manage localization related tools.

  • App globalization and localization
  • Website globalization and localization
  • Ui translation
  • User manuals and documentation
  • Tutorials and how to content
  • Content for multilingual apps and websites

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It is proven beyond that sales exploded when shop speaks more languages. All global leaders in ecommerce are localizing both their platforms and stores. We know which translators are translating copies in their languages that would attract the fast reading customers on the web or app. Language solutions for Ecommerce include for both platform and content.

  • Localizing ecommerce platform/shopping cart app
  • Non-invasive localization of popular ecommerce platforms
  • Translation of product descriptions and specs


Every industry has its own lingo and only the domain specific translators know how to translate for the audience in that particular industry.  We ensure the industry-specific translators and editors are equipped with both industrial and enterprise style guides and terminologies. The leading industries we worked frequently include:

  • Information technology and software
  • Engineering and technologies
  • Consumer durables and fmcgs
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and food processing
  • Banking and finance
  • Medical and pharmaceuticals
  • Media and publishing
  • Law and patents

Government, NGOs & international organizations

Accurate and compliant translation is required for government and non-government public organizations.  People-centric organizations need empathetic communication for their promotional and social activities. Our translators know it perfect. International organizations can set up dedicated teams for their translation requirements on regular basis. Reach out the remote corners of the world or miss no doors in your neighborhoods, we are with you to help you achieving your goals.

  • Government and public organizations
  • Social, ethnic and cultural groups
  • Hospitals and healthcare providers
  • Educational and academic institutions
  • Non-profit and charity organizations
  • International organizations
  • Political and social organizations

Media and publishing

Nothing is more profitable than re-purposing existing media content in many languages. The whole news and media industry know this secret very well. But challenges are many, and particularly it’s about finding multilingual talents to localize your contents, be it a film or a facebook post. Langscape\s language solutions for media and publishing world employes exclusive media and publishing translators to help you move faster, with no compromise in quality.

Translation, transcreation, market-centric localization and original content development fo following media and publishing verticals are made possible with your partnership with langscape:

  • For news media – any mode (print, digital and electronic)
  • For entertainment media – film, tv and video: subtitling and dubbing
  • For marketing, advertisement agencies and public relations: copies and releases
  • For books / ebooks publishers (publishers and self-publishers)
  • For event and exhibition organizers and managers
If your market is multilingual, you can’t stay monolingual